11 Tricks to Make Your Small Bathroom Look Bigger and Better

Some of you may have watched Tiny House Nation on Netflix, slack-jawed, and have since been dreaming of a small space to call your home. But with such a small space you realize, “Hold on a second. My bathroom is too small!” Now, whoever said small bathrooms cannot look great never heard of the saying “Size doesn’t matter.” Play with illusion (you don’t even need to move a single wall), and your bathroom may be your next favorite room! Here are 11 tricks to make your bathroom look bigger and better:

1. Play with Light And Bright Colors 

You can never go wrong with a light and bright color scheme. Most people say that light colors give the illusion of a bigger space. What’s more fun than mixing and matching colors to show off your personality? You can paint your walls pink with a green accent or shop for blue and green tones for a more serene, natural look. Going for neutral shades also works well, as this creates a sort of a blank canvas that you can build upon later as your brilliant ideas come up. Be careful not to overdo it, though! Using lots of patterns and colors can make your bathroom look more cluttered, and therefore, less spacious. 

2. Mirror, Mirror on The Wall

Of course, you are the fairest of them all, especially when you got bigger mirrors! Instead of hanging a small vanity mirror above your sink, grab some large mirrors, put them nicely in your bathroom where light is reflected, and voila—your space just got bigger. Also, you can either mirror an entire wall or add multiple mirrors to one wall. 

 3. Create Magic with Tiles

Plain-colored floor tiles create the illusion of bigger floor space and therefore make your bathroom look more spacious. It is a common design trick that smaller tiles for small bathrooms make space look larger than it is. But plenty of grouting lines produce a cluttered appearance, making space seem much smaller. Ditch busy, patterned tiles and create magic with plain, single-shaded tiles.

4. Glass Doors Are the New Norm

We are way past the era of shower curtains—those things become moldy and take longer to clean (ain’t nobody has the time for that). Glass shower doors, on the other hand, open up space and give your bathroom a more elegant look. 

5. Or No Shower Doors at All

If you are the adventurous type, you may opt to have no shower door at all (you have to invest in a good drain, if that’s the case). Having a walk-in shower can save you lots of space since doors require space to open up. You may add a glass partition so the entire room does not soak in water. 

6. Marie-Kondo Your Stuff 

Of course, you recognize Marie Kondo—first of her name, queen of tidying up, protector of decluttered spaces, breaker of maximalist trends, and mother of minimalism. Decorative paintings and accessories are fun to shop for and hang from your bathroom walls to give your space a more warm and fuzzy feeling, but if you don’t go easy on them, then Marie Kondo will be pretty much disappointed. Multiple items can lead to serious clutter, so try to keep only the most functional ones. Parting from some items might be a little harder for some people, so you may move them to another room instead. Take a decluttering lesson or two from Marie Kondo, and give your bathroom the breather it needs. 

7. A Ledge Gives You the Edge

Traditional bathroom designers would say, “Go for a niche!” but nowadays, having a tiled bathroom ledge simply gives you the edge. Give your dainty mirror, toothbrush, and other essentials the perfect perch with a narrow wall-to-wall ledge. Ledges make great storage places for small spaces while also making them look great with a minimal aesthetic. 

8. Style Up with Wall-Mounted Faucets 

Quite a no-brainer, actually, but wall-mounted faucets are a great investment if you’re saving on precious bathroom space. Designers call these faucets the “Unsung Heroes of the Fixtures World” because they are not just the afterthought when designing any bathroom, they are great space savers. The location where the tap attaches matters. Not only does a wall-mounted faucet give your bathroom a cleaner and sleek look, but it also saves a great amount of space because it eliminates the countertop, allowing more open counter space. 

9. Think About Your Sink

Bothered by how much space a bathroom sink takes up? Worry no more with corner sinks. Nobody said you need to have a full-size standard sink, so you are not breaking any rule and not missing out on anything if you choose to go for a corner sink. Plenty of bathroom space and lesser sink cleaning? Who wouldn’t want that? 

10. Why Not a Bathtub Caddy? 

Have you shopped for a bathtub caddy yet? You heard it right—a bathtub caddy, which is a fancy name for a bathtub tray. Simply put, a bathtub caddy is made as a great place to set your toiletries (as you relax with a glass of wine) if your bathroom ledge is out of your reach. With this fixture, you save a huge deal of space rather than having extra storage counters by your tub. 

11. Tower of Towels

Sometimes, towels give clutter to your already cramped space. If you don’t have a proper place for them, they end up just about everywhere. Getting yourself a three or four-step ladder that goes with your bathroom style is the solution to your towel problem! Getting rid of any clutter allows for more open space and will make your bathroom appear bigger. 

Remodeling your bathroom or building it from scratch requires a great deal of planning, effort, and time, especially when you are given only a few square meters to build upon. Take note of these 11 tricks to save time, roll up your sleeves, and start building the bathroom of your dreams. 

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