6 Affordable DIY Home Improvement Ideas for Your Next Project

Here’s a few easy and affordable DIY home improvement ideas to help you get started on your next home project:

1. Retouch Your Rooms with Fresh Coat

Painting a room is one of the most popular do-it-yourself home improvement projects for DIY beginners. While you don’t have to be an expert at it, there are a few things you need to take into account before getting started to make sure your project is a success. Begin by visualizing how you want your finished room to look like. Consider a theme or general mood or ambiance you’re going for. Do you want a warm or bright color? Are you looking into a cool or calming shade? Do a quick research beforehand and you’ll figure there are certain colors that will help bring out the tone or feel you want your room to evoke.

Once you get an idea of what you’re going for, get ready your must-have tools and begin the work. Start by moving around or covering up some of the furniture that might get in the way of your painting. Then, clean and repair any damaged surfaces on the walls. Once you’ve done this and added coats of primer, you can skip straight right to painting! Just a note: always paint from top to bottom.

In no time you’ll have a refreshed and updated look of any room in the house. Sometimes, all it takes is a fresh coat of paint to make your walls look good as new.

2. Improve Your Space with Better Lighting

Lighting can make all the difference in one’s home. Enhance the ambiance in your interiors simply by adding or updating the light fixtures and bulbs in your home—giving your space a renewed look and improving the overall mood.

If you’re hoping to create a divide in one large open area into distinct zones, an overhead or pendant lighting can help bring out clear divides. It can be used to brighten a space in your kitchen island or add a modern—or quirky—look to your reading nook. When selecting hanging light fixtures, it is important to know your ceiling height! 

In addition, sometimes a room just needs a little bit of personality. If you wish to bring some fun into a traditionally styled room, unique statement lamps are perfect in adding character and creative personality to an otherwise dull space. 

Light is more than just a glow in a room. Not only does light brighten up a space, but it also provides health benefits. A well-lit space, despite it being artificial, can act in similar fashion as natural light does. Proper lighting can help improve one’s mood and ward off unpleasant feelings.

3. Create Your Own Entryway Storage and Organizer

An entryway provides the first glimpse inside of a home. Whether you have a teeny-tiny entryway or a fancy hallway leading to dedicated space for your essentials, you will want to find the balance in creating an appealing and functional entryway storage and organizer.

There are several DIY multi-purpose entryway storage hacks you can take on in less than a few hours. You can repurpose a small bookcase into a storage locker that are great for coats, shoes, hats, bags, etc. Get creative with a few accessories that function as storage and decor at the same time.

Not everyone is afforded the luxury of a big space, so you can make smart use of baskets or bins by the door. Having a designated spot for a specific category or person will help everyone save time when heading out. Make sure you’ve got your essentials with its own basket or bin so you will always have a place for them when you walk in the door—and they’ll be the last thing you grab on your way out of the house. 

Don’t let a small space hinder you from being creative and building your entryway storage vision!

4. Install Crown Molding

Adding crown molding transforms a room and gives an aesthetic appeal to any areas in your home. Installing crown molding is a surprisingly easy and affordable DIY that will help upgrade your plain room into a classic space.

To begin, select the type of molding that you want to use and get the right proportions. You don’t want it to look out of place so choose a profile that fits the room where you’re installing it. Begin installing in the most visible corner and from there, work your way around the room. In that way, if you happen to have minor imperfect cuts and angles, it wouldn’t be very obvious.

Crown moldings are considered “jewelry for walls, doors, and windows.” Installing crown molding is a perfect visual aid to accentuate your passage doors leading to another space in style. 

5. DIY Staircase Makeover 

If you’re ready to take on one of the (most) tedious yet fun projects that most people put off: Staircase Makeover — here are a few ideas to get you started.

  • The Ombré Effect

The ombré stair trend is a great way to transform those dull stairs into a modern yet fun design. The term “ombré” means from dark to light so no matter how much experience you have, adding this color to your steps is something you can easily DIY.

To get started, pick a color of your choice that would complement the ambiance you’re going for in your house. Once you’ve done this, begin by painting the darkest shade of color first and slowly and gradually make the colors go lighter by adding the color white.

  • Lay a Stair Runner

Adding a stair runner not only gives style to your staircase, but it also provides safety for everyone. Before purchasing a stair runner, make sure to put high quality and durability in the top list of your decision which to choose. In the long run this will save you more money and time since you won’t have to constantly replace the carpet easily compared to a low-quality purchase.

  • Stenciled Stairs

Aside from painting, one other creative way to give your staircase a very personalized appeal is by doing stencil. You can alternate between different designs, patterns, and colors - or maintain consistent style in each step. Your choice!

6. Bring the Greenery into Your Home

Indoor gardening has increasingly been gaining popularity with the rise of Instagram and Pinterest. It’s easy now more than ever to grow your favorite plants indoors and bring the greenery into your home. Here’s a few ideas for your DIY indoor garden project:

  • DIY Plant Containers

Apart from getting to create your own indoor plant pots, you’re also saving the environment by recycling plastic bottles, wine bottles, tin cans, or anything you have in your home that you can reuse to put your plants in.

Unleash your creativity by adding designs to your containers and incorporating other ideas in making your indoor garden come to life. 

  • DIY Terrariums

A terrarium is similar to an aquarium, but instead of fish it is for plants. It is created to look like a miniature garden within an enclosed transparent container.

For beginners, it is recommended to use a glass container with a wide enough opening for you to easily place and move materials inside. Some of the most common and basic tools needed are glass containers, large spoons, terrarium plants, beach stones, soil, and other decorative elements you prefer.

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