6 Popular Bathroom Tile Ideas

When you walk into a bathroom, the tiles will make the biggest initial impact. That’s why it’s important to invest in your tiles especially if you want a beautiful space. The most thrilling part of choosing a design for your bathroom is the choices of colors and materials you are going to highlight. That’s where you can insert the ideas for bathroom tiles.

Most of us are fixated on the concept of the marble-everything and all-white style, but you don’t have to pick that style. There’s always a place for bold, unique, and patterned tile in your home. Especially inside your shower. Or on the walls of your bathroom. Or maybe even your tub. Whatever it is that you’re thinking right now, it is possible.

Just keep in mind that no matter what size of bathroom you have- big or small. One thing it must be is for you to be able to relax. After all, a bathroom is more than just a room. It is the place where you can unwind and escape to prepare for the day. Sometimes, with a bottle of wine or with music blasting in your ears. So why not design it thoughtfully, carefully, and consider even the small details?

But where do you start if the possibilities are endless? We're here with a ton of bathroom tile ideas to guide you.

  1.     Shaped Tiles

By using shaped tiles you can easily have modern mosaic appeal. This is a favorite way to mix and match the tiles. At the same time, the result will be perfectly coordinated. This method sets from bold to sophisticated thus producing gorgeous geometric looks. The different shapes of tiles will instantly give character to your bathroom. Whether it’s for your shower walls, a statement floor, or bathroom backsplash. You can select options for shaped tiles like the r dramatic look or dramatically dimensional. Then, you will have no problem styling a bathroom. For sure, your guests will take extra trips to your bathroom just to have another glimpse.

  1. Wow with Wood

You can incorporate nature by using natural elements. Wood planks are just starting to bloom in the marketplace. Non-traditional tile styles have been getting famous for quite some time now.

Installing wood floor tiles in bathrooms was a big no-no before. The water, splashing, and high humidity will have a tendency to warp and damage the material. Thus, in a short span of time, it will be useless. In reality, manufacturers advise caution when it comes to using hardwood flooring in bathrooms or other wet areas. 

Since there are reasons to be cautious about using wood in a bathroom, consider using luxury vinyl planking or porcelain time. Both of them can definitely look like wood. These are high-end flooring materials that you would be proud to display. Additionally, they are virtually immune from the destruction of standing water and moisture.

  1. Stone Tiles

In the past decade, stone tiles have become famous, bathroom included. Although stone tiles were confined to the foyer before. Stone tiles are made from marble, limestone, slate, and granite. The available colors are from creams to reds, greens, blues, and even golds. For textures, there are wide options like sandblasted, tumbled, cleft, flamed, and etched variations. The disadvantage of stone tiles is that it requires more maintenance than regular tiles. It is recommended to do regular sealing and cleaning. Also, stone tiles are more expensive than the same-looking porcelain or ceramic tiles.

  1. Vinyl Tiles

Perhaps the most famous bathroom flooring material is vinyl tiles. It is practical and low cost. Plus, it is well-suited for each bathroom in your home, from powder room to master room. It exceeds expectations unlike any other choices for comfort, safety, and durability. Another important thing here is that vinyl tiles have come a long way in ease of installation and aesthetic appeal. Its material can be cut with a utility knife and is self-adhering.

  1. Porcelain and Ceramic Tiles

Porcelain and ceramic tiles offer you some of the best bathroom floor tiles. Whether you prefer wood to stone lookalikes, lattice-patterned squares, or colorful penny tiles. The same as vinyl, ceramic tiles are high maintenance, too. But they are not the same in terms of comfortability to the barefoot. Radiant floor heat aids in changing that. Still, a hard surface is hard whether it’s warm or not. When it comes to installing the tiles, it’s not as easy as vinyl. Though it is for the adventurous do-it-yourself enthusiasts. The technique for resisting the scratches of the tiles is to shield it with a high-grade glaze. If chipping occurs, an advantage of porcelain tiles is that they are harder than other clay-based tiles. They also have a through-body color.

  1. Glass Tiles

There are aesthetic reasons for having glass tiles. The covering part of the floor which is a thin layer of glass creates an illusion. The illusion of depth and when tinted shows a beautiful stained-glass effect. Just be careful in choosing textured glass so that slipping on it is prevented. If installed correctly and properly, glass tiles hold up well. Following these tips will surely lead you to consider a customized shower floor, right? Perhaps, having tiny glass squares to the sides show a striking feature in your bathroom.

Remember that a little bit of tile will surely go a long way when it comes to styling your bathroom. Tiles are not there for the sake of having tiles, they have a purpose. They protect your walls from water damages. Also, they protect against toothpaste smudges alike. This doesn’t mean they can’t look nice too just because bathroom tiles are practical.

Forget the boring usual floor tiles, there is a wide range of stunning bold and patterned tiles to safeguard your floor, walls, and shower area. Today’s design industry offers you that. You can opt to decorate your whole bathroom with different accents and types for each part. You can also choose the same tiles all throughout. Whatever your choice is, tiles are surely a good pick when it comes to durability and functionality. Plus, they are easy to maintain, wash, and ultimately, they look cool.

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