7 Brilliant Kitchen Decor Tips for Small Spaces

Even though you have a small area, it shouldn't be a hindrance in achieving the dream design of your kitchen. You will be astonished at the things you will do to make a small kitchen feel and look sophisticated. We are aware that it is difficult to avoid a cluttered mess, especially in a square footage area. This is typically normal when you live in those city apartments. Whether you are living in a couple dozen or hundreds of square feet, having your cooking space in the best shape— both functionally and aesthetically— is a few imaginations away from becoming real.

Enhancing your kitchen could be a simple task. Think of an easy one-day project like cabinet hardware or swapping the lightning. It could also be complicated, especially fully remodeling it. Think of browsing through the internet, searching for a reliable contractor, then it’s demo day. But there are so many projects that will make your kitchen more functional, fun, and if you’re lucky, brand new. Imagine what it would do for your space if you would give your cabinets a fresh coat of paint.

If you are still deciding to splurge on a full renovation or just do a one-time project, we have kitchen decoration ideas here that are fit to every and any budget. If you are curious about some creative ideas, check out our kitchen decoration ideas for quick inspiration. Who knows, the next thing you’d do is to save and schedule a day in your calendar to upgrade your kitchen!

  1. Add a prep area

Your kitchen has a small space, that’s the reason why you may not have enough space to add a full island or expand. For an instant prep area, bring in a small or medium table. Add it to your kitchen decor. You can use it as an area for prep and dining. Just pull up some stools. You can also opt to bring in a bar cart to serve as an extra space for the counter or a slim rolling kitchen cart. While you’re cooking, you can have a narrow console and set the tools and ingredients there.

  1. Organize your kitchen tools

To make your kitchen a chef’s paradise and for a more relaxing experience, organize your kitchen tools.

  •  Cutting Boards
You can lean a stack of wood serving boards or cutting boards on the countertop. Just prop it with heavy objects such as utensil holders or a knife block. What adds warmth is the color of the wood. Additionally, it is accessible to find because of their placement.
  • Utensil Holders
As you whip up a meal, keep your utensil holders ready. Also, adding a personality to your counter is a bonus. For a more visually pleasing approach, separate utensils by the kind of material (plastic, wood, metal, etc.). Then, store them in various coordinating containers.
  • Cookware

If you prefer a stylish yet practical way to present your cookware, hanging pot racks is a good idea. Just bear in mind to keep it close at hand. There is something about pots that are on display that adds a certain charm. Furthermore, show off a cast iron pad or a tea kettle when you don’t have any stove.

  • Serving Pieces

Perhaps running out of storage space is a frequent dilemma. Don’t forget that having arranged serving pieces can add character when displayed on open shelving or above the cabinets. You can also color-coordinate your pitchers, serving bowls, ice buckets, and more. These can all contribute to the overall look of your kitchen.

  1. Use light colors for a perception of the expanded kitchen

They say that the lighter your kitchen, the larger it feels. Choosing the colors of your kitchen is like choosing colors for other parts of your house too. The trick here is to bring the outdoors inside your kitchen. Use nature to dictate the palette. Another trick to more open space is to have a light color on walls, backsplashes, countertops, and other parts of the kitchen. If you are not into fully renovating your kitchen, remember to consider the cooking tools that are always out or are often used. These are pots, pans, cutting boards, and linens. These can all create more space if you opt for pieces in a light palette.

  1. Add some greenery

To make your kitchen more alive, plants are the answer. You can add them to open shelving, thus drawing the eye upward. Even in the smallest of kitchen spaces, this creates interest. Not only that, you can also liven up your favorite dishes by planting potted herbs like oregano or basil.

  1. Install light fixtures

To help brighten up the kitchen, install lights. You can never have enough lightning in a kitchen. This is so important while cooking. Good and plenty of lightning makes your kitchen more open.

  1. Get rid of all clutter

What part of the kitchen makes the most clutter? Countertops. Clutter instantly makes your kitchen feel smaller. It may sound overwhelming to get rid of all clutter but it won’t once you have a clear vision and schedule for everything. An example of this is every couple of months, getting rid of all mismatched dinnerware or unused plastic containers. While you’re at it, you can also tidy up your produce storage. Separate garlic and onions from odor-absorbing fruit by using a handy fruit bowl. Also, to lessen cluttering the countertop, keep the papery skins. For more visual appeal, hang the fruit basket. If you’ve got enough installation skills, you can opt to hang anything that you want to.

  1. Add a kitchen island

You can still have a kitchen island for conversation and prep space. Have a rolling island, this can be easily pushed out once the dinner is ready. Don’t think that if you have a small kitchen, you can’t bring in an island. It’s possible, you just need to have it on wheels. This can be quickly accessed when you’re working, every time you need an island, it’s there.

These tips will surely transform your kitchen space in the best shape. Whether you’re starting from scratch, renovating, or looking for inspiration to refresh your existing space.

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