3 Creative Home Gym Ideas You Should Do

Let’s face it, working out needs to be worked out. Often, working out gives you mixed emotions depending on each day, it’s either you are so motivated or the thought of it dreads you. There are several reasons why. This includes caring for your child, reserving for date nights, stuck in work commitments, or just running out of time. Exercising might be at the bottom part of your long list of priorities.

However, you can look at the other side. Studies show that working out can improve your mood, help promote restful sleep, and can relieve stress. As if the thought of exercising did not stress you, just kidding.

The key here is to have the right environment especially if you’re exercising at home. You have to fully focus your mind and body for you to have good results.

As a matter of fact, a structured gym in your home can inspire you to achieve your fitness goals even more. Also, your exercise equipment doesn’t have to look overly plain and boring. You can still show your chic side if you choose the right equipment.

At the same, you don't need to own a lot of equipment to upgrade your house to a home gym. If you can’t go out and go to your local gym because of countless reasons, let’s bring the same experience right into your own space. Whether you have an extra room, an outdoor space, a small corner, or a basement ready to be transformed, we have a list of gym ideas that need note-taking.

1. Choosing the space

  • Revamp your garage

This is a great idea especially if you consider the availability of storage space, ventilation, electrical outlets, and durability of floors. There are tons of gym equipment that can easily fit your garage. Some of these are treadmills, elliptical, or even stationary bikes. Additionally, you can install a stereo system so that you can listen to your favorite song while exercising.

  • Redo an extra bedroom

Having an extra bedroom is a perfect spot for making your gym at home. If you have extra closets, they can serve as storage. The bookshelves and repurposed dresses can also be used for holding items like towels, balance balls, free weights, and many more. On top of that, a spare bedroom has a door for added privacy.

  • Transform your attic

Another area in your house that could serve as your home gym is your attic. It provides plenty of room to turn it into a fitness room. Make sure that any exposed insulation is sealed by drywall. Adding fans and a window air conditioner would also keep the area cool. Ideally, the floors must be properly braced. This is to provide extra protection if you plan on using heavy equipment or weights.

  • Consider a living room corner

Even if you have limited space, you can have a home gym in your living home corner. Place your exercise equipment in any space convenient for you. The technique here is to make your living room inviting and lively despite the small area.

  • Make a small exercise nook

You don’t need a big space to put down your yoga mat or place your choice of workout machine. Don’t let a small nook prevent you from breaking out a sweat. Try filling your wall with motivational words that will encourage you to make the most of every workout. And you’re all set.

2. Flooring

  • Rubber flooring

Rubber floors are durable and waterproof. You can simply put it over your existing floor. Often, these come in large rolls or tiles. It has a good sound dampener for workouts that require loud sounds. If you’re planning to focus on intense exercise, this would be a great option. The prices depend on what you will choose, those large and heavy rolls are a bit pricey. But you can settle with small ones.

  • Puzzle mat foam tiles

These are the tiles that easily fit together like a jigsaw. They are water-resistant and can bounce back from heavy impacts.

  • Cork flooring

Cork may be the flooring for you if you prefer to have an environmentally-friendly choice. Cork flooring is made from renewable sources. It can manage heavier workouts. It also helps reduce sound because of its soft underfoot. Moreover, it’s nice that it's fire and mildew-resistant. The drawback of corks is that they can be dented if the equipment will stay for a long time. That’s why you also have to be careful in dragging heavy equipment over it because it can cause scratches and tears.

  • Vinyl flooring

If you’re a practical person, you can never go wrong with vinyl. It’s the same with others, durable and water-resistant. Additionally, it can endure wear and tear from your exercises in your home gym. Vinyl flooring mimics wood floors, thus, offering you a pleasant design and style. This enables you to create a more refined and cozier feel in your home gym. A bonus feature for this is that it is easy to clean.

  • Artificial Turf

You might want to explore artificial turf flooring. A maximum athletic look is a steal. It’s great if you like more massive gym equipment like weighted sleds. This is for high-intensity workouts and a lot of quick foot movements. When it comes to its visual look, it’s enticing enough to draw you into exercising more.

3. Design

Of course, the overall look and feel of your home gym are significant. However, finalizing your home gym design to showcase your personal preference is a challenge. Your home gym design increases the chance of your productivity when it comes to achieving workout benefits. It is advisable to plan first before actualizing your home gym design. Do you want a zen-like escape or something more rustic? Or do you prefer a more industrial look? It depends on you.

When it comes to the benefits of home gyms, the advantages are quite strong. No waiting in line, no distractions, the ultimate freedom to do everything you want in the privacy of your own home. Whether you are simply looking for a space to help you be fit or a seasoned fitness fanatic, having a home gym can give you years of lasting benefits.

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