DIY Home Improvement Projects You Can Do This Weekend

Have you ever looked at your home and wondered how you can improve it? Are you sick and tired of seeing outdated designs in your space?  If the answer is yes, then you might need to do home improvement projects. But, wait there’s more. What about the expensive cost of the renovation? Again, the answer will be resounding YES. If you’re determined to exert effort, there are tons of DIY home improvement projects you can do to transform your space. 

The key to a  DIY home improvement task is to have a plan. First, you have to focus on the necessary tasks to be done. Next is to consider how much time you will spend. There are projects that are more time-consuming to do than the others, so you have to know how long the process will be. 

Even if you’ve never done a DIY home improvement project before, don’t be afraid to try. You don’t need to have lots of experience or even have advanced skills to beautify your home. You just have to be imaginative and resourceful. Also, it’s a perfect opportunity for the whole family to bond through helping it accomplish. 

That’s why we compiled these easy, quick, and budget-friendly DIY home improvement projects to kick off the week.


Add a New Kitchen Backsplash

Peel and stick tiles are becoming a trend nowadays. It’s easy to put and affordable. You just need to be patient in neatly applying the sticker. If you’re afraid that changing something in your kitchen would turn out horrible, then use peel and stick tiles. 

Add Peel and Stick Wallpaper

Those peel and stick wallpaper aren't just for the kitchen backsplash. It can be used in any room or an accent wall in a bathroom, bedroom, or living room. A great space for peel and stick wallpaper is a child’s room because the style changes as they grow. You can choose a variety of designs from it. You can also mix and match.

Paint the Walls

We are not talking about the usual paint-it-all-wall here, we are diving into the latest trend and painting the walls in a new way. Paint can alter your room to a whole different level. It creates a big impact. If you want to ditch the old and boring wall paint, just add lap lines, designs, or textures. It will surely give life to a room.

Upgrade the Shower Head

The shower is one place you can treat your body to a lifestyle improvement quickly. If you want to conserve water and save money, replace your old showerhead with a new one. You can have a more pleasurable show time and improved water flow with an upgraded nozzle. A new showerhead can make your mundane morning routine into a hotel experience. There are tons of showerheads that come at different prices, sizes, and functions. So, relax on the water and let it wash away your stress.

Create a Simple Laptop Stand

Nowadays, laptops are not a luxury but a necessity. Whether you're a worker, student, or an average citizen, laptops are very useful. Along with having a laptop, you must have a laptop stand too. The risk of overheating the laptop burns your skin. Additionally, laptops can be comfortably used on even and flat surfaces. But laptop stands are costly. So, creating a DIY laptop stand is the best solution. You can easily create it using scrap woods, cardboards, corks, folding trays, or even a laptop table made of books. The options are endless.

Create your Own Wall Art

Nobody wants to live in a plain and dull home, but sometimes your limited choice isn't spending a fortune either. The quick fix? Using items you already have into something useful and creating your own art to display on every corner of your home. Aside from its transformative difference, you can save a lot of money. So, go ahead and grab your tools and spruce up your space.

Add Window Boxes

Do you want to add beauty interest to the outside of your home at the same time wanting to improve your curb appeal? Adding window boxes provide an easy way to add beauty and appeal. The big difference it makes is truly remarkable. Not only do they enhance the appearance, but they also give you the satisfaction of changing the decor outside your home with different plants each year. It is perfect for people who like to see fresh and new objects. Ultimately, they aren't just meant to be viewed outside. When the flowering plants you planted, you can see the flowers blooming from the inside.

Window boxes require the most basic tools to construct and they are easy to make. You can source the materials from your local home improvement store, most of them are even available in pre-cut sizes. If not, you can save your time by finding and purchasing them online. 

Change Lighting Fixtures

When the days are getting darker, lightning makes a home shine a bit brighter. A good light can bring liveliness and character to your space. Of course, aside from it is an obvious function of providing brightness. Most of us would definitely want those light fixtures that really stand out and add to the look of the space. But most of the Instagram-worthy light fixtures might be really expensive. You can still achieve your dream lighting fixture through DIY. Some examples are using mason jars, plastic glass lamps, glass bottles, folded paper lamps, or even faux chandeliers. Illuminate your humble abode with these resources. 

Replace your worn-out floors

DIY flooring isn't for the faint of heart. Replacing the floors is a sure way to give your space a new and fresh look. At the same time, hiring an experienced professional and purchasing quality flooring is pricey. If you are really determined to go DIY and save lots of money, do all the research first. Installing a new floor is a strenuous activity. Before you start doing it, make sure you indulge yourself in watching how-to videos and deciding which type of flooring is best for your home. Most homeowners who DIY their own floors do it using simple tools and equipment. The reward of this hard work is surely worth it.

Do a Staircase Makeover

Unless you have a deep thrill from climbing the staircase, having one is typically more about function than fun. A little DIY can change and boost the appearance of your staircase. You have to exercise your imagination, not just your legs for this.

  • The Black and White Look

The classic black and white color and a tile is a good combination. On the other hand, you can grab some stencil and paint for the same effect. But much thriftier. 

  • Rainbow on Stairs

If you can't choose a color, why limit yourself to one? Rainbows are like reminders of the constant ray of sunshine. Additionally, with a natural light from the window or when it peeks through the door. It soothes you inside and the spectrum adds interest to the neutral space. Moreover, the soft effect of pastel brings you to the feels of a farmhouse or your childhood.

  • Personalized Pattern with Chalk Paint

You can love the idea of a custom staircase without needing it to be the center point of your home. You can pull off a  soft, subtle look with a stencil and chalk paint. The personalized pattern is unique and is based on your own design. To prevent it from over styling the room, the chalky finish and light colors are put. Lastly, for a nice blend of contrast, a banister must be left unpainted.

  • Ombre Effect

You can opt for an ombre look from a short set of stairs. Its progressive shading effect is pleasing to the eyes. It’s easy to do this, you start by painting the darkest shade first, and by adding white, it gradually goes lighter and lighter. Do it in such a way that it covers a full step. Each batch must be large enough and finish the necessary coats.

  • Fandom and Obsession

Do you have a specific obsession? You can incorporate it with your staircase and share your fandom. Peel-and-stick decals can be used and be personalized with your choice of images. You can choose book titles, patterns, sayings, or characters you like. You could even create a custom-themed staircase if that’s your thing.

A home is like life, it experiences a process, special moments, and series of evolutions. Creating your own space and taking care of it is important. Moreover,  DIY Home Improvement Projects is a lot like cooking: without the correct ingredients and tools, the result won't look right. 

Sometimes, doing home improvement projects on the weekends can feel overwhelming. Figuring out where to start is hard, too. Just bear in mind that accomplishing even just one mundane task will likely push you to tackle another and another. And before you know it, you’ll have checked a lot of the projects on your home’s to-do list.

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