DIY Wall Decor Ideas to Upgrade Your Home

When you think of wall décors to upgrade your home, you might think they always break the bank, especially when you want them customized. Your wedding flowers are too good to throw away, so you might want them framed or put in a mini glass dome that hangs from your wall. You might also want to put up the plane ticket to your first trip abroad on the wall to remind you of the good old days, and these are only among the list of things tied to memories you want to remember. The blank space on your wall could be a great place to decorate with these keepsakes or anything you have that’s worth repurposing—and wall decors do not have to bust your budget when you do them yourself. Here are our favorite DIY wall décor ideas (that you can customize) to upgrade your home: 


Sometimes, pictures aren’t enough to memorialize a solo adventure into the woods or a family road trip. Outline the route you took with ribbon and glue on a new or vintage map. Place inside a wooden frame and relive your memories at each glance of this wall décor. 


If you have old rugs or vintage blankets you are no longer using or any fabric memento, give them a new life by hanging them on your wall using nails and strings. They make great decors for huge blank spaces!


A museum in your house? Sounds complicated, but this ingenious idea of turning garage-sale paintings into half-painted art is pretty doable—you don’t have to be a Picasso to achieve this kind of artwork. Dip the other half of the artwork in paint and let dry before hanging on your wall. Things sold at garage sales are cheap, and you only need a few paint colors and brushes to make this wall décor. 


Every stroke in a painting tells us something about the artist, especially when the artist is a child. It pays to frame these beautiful works of art and hang them on your wall. With clean, modern frames, you’ll boost your child’s confidence and be able to encourage them to do more of what they love.  


Do you remember making art out of thick yarn strings in summer camp? Let’s put that skill to good use by gussying up your empty wall with string wall art—all you need are assorted colors of yarn, letter cutouts, and a few copper nails to bring that wall to life. 


We’re all for ditching single-use plastics here, but have you also wondered what else to do with your paper bags other than stacking them or throwing them into the bin? Well, you can recycle this paper bag and use it as a canvas for your chalk art. You can do this fun project with your kids, as well. Place this masterpiece in a classy frame and hang it on your wall.  


If you’re having an art block and have extra pieces of canvas lying around, you can stir your creativity by making a DIY cut canvas art. Stencil the outline of a pattern on the canvas and carefully cut it out using a carving tool. Polish the piece with some colors to match your home.


When you go through boxes with things you had when you were young, you will find many items that can be given their new purpose. A skateboard in your teenage years can be a wall décor if it matches your style. Musical instruments that no longer work can also double a décor. This way, you’re not spending more on extra decorative items.


Thrifted rattan finds can look painfully dull, but not when you paint geometric shapes on them and hang them on your wall with pride. 


If you’re into rustic wall décor themes, you might want to repurpose your baskets by hanging them on your wall. Place the bigger basket in the center, then surround it with smaller baskets in however pattern you think suits best. If you only have a big basket, consider adding some DIY tassel to make it even more appealing.


Love cooking so much you can’t get enough of collecting spoons? Take that clutter and turn it into a splendid wall display. To make this wall décor, measure and cut a piece of plywood to size and paint in any color you like. Lay spoons according to color, pattern, or size and secure them in place using fine-gauge wire.


If you’re a bookworm, then you can vouch that nothing beats the smell of old books. Secure the books on the wall with heavy-duty nails or staples through the back covers and arrange them in fun, quirky patterns. You can also hold a few pages open using string or fishing line.


Don’t be quick to throw away wallpaper leftovers and turn them into floating flowers. Depending on size, trace and cut out petal shapes. Make sure to trace the outline on the back of the wallpaper. Pinch and glue one end of each petal and let dry. 


Who says you can’t be creative with a tight budget? Get your hands dirty with a few colored papers and glue, and cut out random shapes as you did in primary school. Frame them and show off your crafty side to family and friends! 


Give yourself the peace that only nature can make you feel by framing pressed plant leaves and dried flowers. You have the liberty of choosing any frame you like, but a wooden frame works well with nature’s souvenirs. 


There’s no pain like stepping on a LEGO. Get them off the floor and arrange them on a ledge attached to your wall. These multi-colored miniatures add a funky touch to your blank wall.


Take a bunch of rosemary in your yard and a couple of lavenders to assemble your DIY rustic wreath. Hang it on your wall to freshen up your space with this botanical scent. You are free to choose any plants for this—we’ll leave it all to your imagination!

Instantly upgrade your home and make it more stylish by adding these beautiful and budget-friendly DIY wall decors. Be as creative and personal as you want to be with these projects. You can do them as part of your me-time routine or as family bonding activities. 

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