Home Office Ideas to Inspire Productivity

As a result of the Covid-19 virus being a global pandemic, most of us need to stay at home. It also means that most of us are working from home.

While some of us are lucky enough to have an extra room that could transform into a home office, many are forced to use a small desk in the bedroom or living room. Working from home is challenging, especially if you don't make your space comfortable enough. 

Whether your home office is a designated area for your remote workspace, for running a business, or a nook for organizing your schedule or paying bills, you deserve so much more than an extra chair stuffed into a space corner and a simple desk.

Do you know that your workspace can be full of style? Simultaneously, your style shouldn't require you to do so much work. Yes. It's possible. You need a hint of creativity. Perhaps some extra effort and time are all takes to carve out more room. 

So even though you have a fully loaded workspace or trying to squeeze in a small desk, these ideas will guide you in whipping up a surprisingly great home office. These would surely make home isolation days a little happier and more productive. 


  • Decide on the location
  • Since you'll likely spend so much time in your home office, try not to stuff yourself in space. With this, assess the traffic flow in the area. Also, you should know your ability to withstand distractions so that you'll learn how to overcome them. Ask yourself if you like to work best when multitasking or want a complete silence while concentrating on work. If you have guests coming by, it's a good idea to have a private space and prepare ample seating. 


  • Consider form and function
  •  It would be best not to forget that your shelves, desk, and storage should serve their purpose. Think of your workflow and decide what items you need at your fingertips. You should carefully determine what items you need before investing in furniture. Then, you can look for those items that are functional and beautiful. 

    A rule of thumb to remember is to make sure your home office furniture complements other areas in your house. Warm wood and soft, comfortable chairs or a loveseat are preferred if you have a traditional home. At the same time, a contemporary home office can feature modern metal furniture or art pieces.


  • Investing in your chair is investing in yourself
  • You spend hours and hours sitting in your office chair each day. This work style requires an excellent ergonomic task or office chair to make you comfortable at your desk. You will likely develop various health problems if your chair is not restful enough. The only exception is when you'll have an adjustable chair for inclination and height. Some of these are back and neck pain. All of these will lead you to lower your productivity. That's why investing in your chair is worth it.


  • Paint the walls with colours
  • Forget the typical neutral "office beige" that you usually choose. You need a colour that lifts your mood. Some people prefer cheerful, vivid colours like lime green or orange. Others want a calming shade like seafoam or botanical green. Whatever your choice would be, make sure that it gives you a cozy feeling.

  • Zone in on an area with a nice view
  • Maybe you need to position your desk into something more interesting than a bare wall every time you glance up from the computer. Or perhaps you seldom strain your eyes from too much radiation that you want to rest your eyes a bit and stare at the greenery. Try utilizing your window's natural light. If you have a windowless area, hang some aesthetically pleasing paintings or pictures. Now and then, you need to have a beautiful view to inspire you to continue your work or achieve your goals.


  • Have homey accessories
  • Sometimes, having homey accessories is what you need to enhance the vibes in your home office. Some homey accessories include a decorative wastebasket, trendy sticky notes and notepads, and a pretty mug for a pencil holder. You can also hide your bookshelves behind curtains or wrap your bulletin board in gorgeous fabric. Another idea is to hang inspirational prints on the walls, whether a classic painting or your kid’s framed artwork.


  • Organize horizontally and vertically
  • Most home offices don't have enough space, so using space efficiently is a must. You can use vertical file folders on your desk so that you can quickly get it within arm's reach. You can also hang floating shelves on the walls to obtain the office equipment and papers off the desk. Are you a filer or a stacker? If you tend to have a clean desktop, assign one drawer for your "to-do" papers. If you prefer to make piles, use a lovely basket to tame your documents, notes and emails. A fun alternative to bookshelves is metal or wooden cube storage since each space is for baskets, books, and knickknacks.


  • Let there be light
  • Here's a bright idea: make sure to have plenty of light in your office area to cut down straining your eyes and having headaches. Position your computer monitor in a place where there's no overhead light or glare from a window. Also, putting a small lamp on the desk for task lighting helps a lot.


  • Master your technology
  • There's nothing much you can do when it comes to beautifying your phone, computer, or printer. Do you get annoyed just by looking at the unsightly cords that are all over the place? If your answer is yes, then, you can make sure your equipment is near the outlet and is easily accessible if you need to unplug. Encase your cords on the desk in a fabric cord cover. Also, feed the cables into a desk grommet. A metal cap or plastic helps guide cords through a hole in the desk and hides them underneath. You can tame the cord jungle on the floor using a wire organizer, tubing, or cord winder.

    An allocated workspace in your home helps you focus on work and set aside household distractions. We hope this list inspired you to upgrade your home office.

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