Small Living Room Ideas

What’s the most lived-in spot in your home? Hmmm. Let me guess. It’s the living room, right? (Obviously!) Unless you live alone and prefer to always sleep in the bedroom, the living room is essentially the busiest space and at the same time the area where it’s often cramped. Not only that, it’s where you entertain your guests and make them feel at home. Now, how do you create a balance between making the room feel as airy, open, and big as possible while also making sure you accommodate every single person who will visit your house? How to not sacrifice style while being true to your design aesthetic? You have to focus on what truly matters, prioritize the important details, and the rest will follow.

Decorating a small living room requires a lot of effort and persistence. Oftentimes, there are tons of questions hanging in the corners of your mind. That’s normal. It’s part of the process. No matter how small your living is, it is crucial to have steps that can be attained within your means. But remember, you can have fun while decorating your home sweet home.

Lastly, you don’t have to learn magic tricks for you to have an instant space that is bigger than its original size. You just have to have a smart plan, strategize your next steps, and research some ideas for styling and layout. If you want to save yourself from the headache of researching so much stuff or if you want to save time compiling all of the information, we got you.

Be prepared to bookmark all of these tips and to make your small living room into a place you’d never ever want to leave. What are we waiting for? Let’s start.

  1. Be One with Nature

To be one with nature doesn’t mean filling your living room with so many indoor plants. It’s a theme to choose an airy, light, and refreshing color scheme. Also, a wooden floor and furniture will surely give a bang to your small living room. The key is how to combine them. We mentioned from our previous blog posts that utilizing mirrors can really make a small living room larger than it actually is, yes, it works well. However, considering the key elements combined with the design would also be very useful. In line with the mirrors making the room feel bigger, it’s like catching the greenery outside and bringing it inside. It’s nice because whenever you feel like it isn’t safe to go outside, you can just hang it in your living room, look at the greenery, and enjoy it like you didn’t miss a thing. To be one with nature means incorporating the fresh spring smell, the colors white and green, and botanical fabrics. The accents of green make it elegant to look at.

 If you want to add depth and a serene feeling to a small living room, plants are a great solution, like wallpapers and mirrors. Lavish greenery soothes the corners and tricks the eye into thinking that there is more beyond what can be seen in the room. You can place your plants in corners or beside chairs and sofas. This is also to improve your mood and release your stress.

  1. Opt for Symmetry

If there’s one thing you want to learn from designing your small space, it’s symmetry. Symmetry in interior design is a trick used to create balance and make it look stabilized. It’s perfect for small areas. Additionally, using a neutral color scheme to decorate makes it better. While symmetry looks amazing in large rooms, it can also feel like a small room is opened and enhanced. Perhaps the perfect way to use symmetry in the living room is by having a center or starting point and architectural feature. Whether it is a table, centerpieces, and even a pair of similar windows and doors. Moreover, you can also have symmetry in a non-symmetrical room using pictures on walls or patterns. Harmony in every room in your home is achieved when you get the symmetry right. It makes small spaces feel tidier and bigger.

  1. Use A Color-Blocking Trick

Having a sofa that serves us for years and years may be a little tatty looking around the edges. If you’re a sentimental person, you’d want to keep it forever even though you know it almost as if the sofa needs a sofa to rest also. Instead of just throwing it away, why now have it re-upholstered? Aside from it being more sustainable, it lets you save money from buying another sofa, also, if you already love the style and comfort of it, at least give it a new life. So, why are we talking about this? This is the part where you use a color-blocking trick. You have to make your sofa the focal point in your living room. The reason is that it will detract the attention of someone from the size of your living room. To make it impactful, choose a vibrant and bold shade, then you can accessorize to justify the color scheme all through the sofa.

  1. Go long

 It is hard to decorate a narrow room but that doesn’t mean you have to give up. You must find furniture with leggy and airy pieces that have smaller dimensions. This is to make sure it doesn’t have a lot of visual weight. Take advantage of your floor space by placing your large bookcases and some things against the wall. Even though long and thin rooms don’t feel homely, there are tricks you can do to make everything cozier. A big rug can give us comfort and room comfort. A rug can visually draw together all furniture in a specific space. Meanwhile, having a local point that contrasts the rest of the scheme can be interesting. Examples are coffee tables, lampshades, a piece of art, or a lampshade. 

  1. Choose Colors Wisely

The variety of colors available can be so overwhelming. You can never go wrong with painting ceilings in a color. If you want a cozy living room, pick a warm shade. The visual aspect that draws your eye to another space is by having the same color outside the room. Also, not having a door is another trick to make your room look spacious without blocking the entire view. Of course, who wouldn’t want to play it safe by choosing white walls? Although white walls can be dull, it creates a calming mood. Embrace an interior with white-on-white. Ultimately, pairing your white walls with soft or pale-toned furniture is straightforward and at the same time an elegant way to make a small space living room feel larger and brighter.

If you want to add character to your room, opt for pops of colors and textures that are daring. Here’s the thing, there are no rules that say you can’t have dark colors in a living room. Dark colors can look so extra, bold, and beautiful. It can make the living room feel really at home and welcoming. Make sure that the living room has large windows in every area, there is enough ventilation, and it must be airy enough. If the living room isn’t well lit, your can still make plenty of impact with dark colors on walls and furnishings. You just have to balance it out with the paler shades that are available.

  1. Replace Curtains with Blinds

You must allow daylight to come through your living room if you want it to feel bigger and brighter. Sometimes, doing things as simple as changing something is important. Simple changes can make a difference. For decorating a small living room, ditch your old curtains and replace them with blinds. Curtains can appear bulky. When you replace curtains with blinds, you create the illusion of a spacious room because of the free space.

  1. Be quirky

Remember, this is your own living room. You are in charge of everything you put and everything you change. Being quirky helps break the normal, boring, and plain design that most homes have. Be Quirky

It depends on your personal choice though. Some people don’t have the privilege to pick out their own style. To be quirky means to think outside the box. Give your living room a personality by incorporating and putting together the decor and furniture from different sources.

If you’ve reached this part, congratulations. You are one step away to make your plans come true. A carefully designed living room with the incorporation of the tips mentioned above is the way to go. Don’t forget that your comfort and convenience come first before anything else. Also, little forward planning is necessary so that everything is organized well. With these tricks we revealed, there are tons of ways to help turn that small living room decor into something modern, sleek, and polished, whatever its proportions and shape. No matter how small your living room is, there are plenty of layouts and ideas you can find out there that will be relatable to your current situation of dealing with small spaces.

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