Modern Staircase Ideas

If you currently have or planning to build a multi-storey house, the staircase is a significant element to link one level to another. Moreover, your staircase can be an appealing point of interest in your house if it is located in a noticeable area.

Though it is clear that it serves a very vital and functional purpose, staircases have the ability to transform the whole house.

Stairs have much more than a means to arrive from a certain floor to another.

You can convert tired treads into a sophisticated focal point. Plus, it’s an instant wow-factor. You just need your imagination and effort.

Additionally, staircases are a key design feature of the interiors of your home. There are so many design options for modern looking staircase ideas. These enable you to unleash your inner creativity.

Give your staircase an upgrade with these awesome ideas.

  • Floating Stairs

  • A floating staircase is made to appear like every step is suspended in the air without any support. It is achieved by a special mount that is connected to the wall or covered underneath the treads of each step. The visible sleek appearance of floating stairs blends almost any design in your house. They are versatile since they can be installed in many ways. This also depends on the space’s floor size and plan.

    In addition, floating stairs bring extra light into an area when used with an open floor plan. An optimal material for floating stairs is wood. Not only because of its thickness but also, it can be effortlessly cut. With this, it offers more style options.

    It’s also a good idea to have the floating stairs as an option for your basement stairs. The needed extra space underneath makes room to maximize storage options. You can opt to have special cabinets and modern closets.

    Floating stairs are available in many different of styles like the following:

    • U-shaped
    • L-shaped
    • Straight
    • Spiral
  • Industrial Stairs

  • Currently, one of the famous staircase designs is the industrial style. If you prefer to add an industrial mood in your house, you can execute it through your staircase. A way to have an industrial look is using more steel or iron material. Then, it serves as the finishing or main structure. You can also combine some timber elements on the staircases as a cozy accent.

  • Minimalist Stairs

  • The main characteristics of a minimalist staircase are simple yet stylish and light. If the theme of your house is minimalist, then having a minimalist staircase is best for you. Mostly, having a house that is dominantly white is common. That’s why you can also use a  timber element on your stair steps. When focusing on the stair steps and railing design, you can make it simple without those complex details. This highlights the minimalist theme on your staircase and the area that it surrounds.

  • Glass Railing

  • By far, glass is the most stylish choice for modern railing right now. It is the popular alternative to the classic wooden handrails and spindles. Glass railing possesses a stunning visual impact. It adds openness making the space feel bigger and helps the light flow. Additionally, it provides value and luxury to your home. When installed and designed correctly, it’s incredibly functional and safe.

    It can be incorporated with stainless steel or wood. Sometimes, they are frameless. What is great about glass railing is that it can be used in different styles and forms. You can have straight ones to curvy designs.

    The availability of a wide variety of patterns and colors of glass is amazing. Not to mention the textures and the various ways to complement and interior design. This can lead to customizing a staircase wall. Just remember to keep it transparent and simple. Choose a pattern or add a colorful touch to your glass railing.

    If you still want more examples of glass railing, here are some of them:

    • Dadoed Glass Railing

    Dadoed glass railing is a system wherein the panels are secured within the bottom shoe and top railing. Basically, the glass exists within a wooden framework.  Since there’s no use for hardware or clips, this has the tidiest visual appeal.

    • Standoff Glass Railing

    Standoff glass railing is a system where the panels of the glass are protected with standoffs. The glass features pre-drilled holes that are leveled in place. Standoffs seal the panel vertically if facing the floor system and stairs. This results in a minimal amount of aesthetic hardware with a frameless railing system. Although you have to take note that due to the fastening method, a choice to use this system needs to be formed at the framing stage. A sufficient backing needs to be in position to hold the glass.

    • Champed Glass Railing

    Champed Glass Railing is a system where the glass panels are protected with glass clips. This mounts to the railing, shoe, or posts. Moreover, this system provides the choice to use steel or wood posts. It is achievable since it requires frequency of posts. For some homeowners, this is a very attractive style.

  • The Modern Spiral

  • Spiral staircases save space and provide a stylish feature. The rails and steps are made around a center column. You can find some modern spiral staircase that has wooden treads, black columns and a trendy stainless-steel railing.

  • Crisscrossed Black Railings

  • Add intricacy and fun to the clean and sleek look of modern railings. This modern look can be complemented with white interiors and wooden handrail. You can also choose to have eye-catching balustrade panels featuring crisscrossed metal wires and black spindles.

  • Riser Lights

  • When it comes to staircases lightning, safety is the number one priority. Some sophisticated staircase can install the lightning strategically on the risers. Then, it efficiently illuminates the treads. Oftentimes, some staircase emphasizes the wooden treads, solid glass panel balustrade, and classy wainscot panels on the wall.

    A modern staircase design is a perfect feature to have  if you’ve got the budget and right home. Sure, having the usual and normal staircase do the same thing, but that’s not really the point. A modern stair design is like an artwork inside your home. That’s the reason why they come with a high price tag.  We hope this list helps and inspires you to create something beautiful.

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