Small Studio Apartment Design Ideas

When you have a small studio apartment, the feeling of cramped space is so familiar to you. It doesn’t always have to feel that way though. As a matter of fact, there are various ways for utilizing the space you currently own. You can magically turn it into an open and breathable home while being creative when it comes to the design. 

Moreover, living in a studio apartment means that you always have to deal with the dilemma of transforming a single room into other areas. It may be a living room, kitchen, bedroom, office, and other rooms that you could think of. Also, you have to do all of these without increasing the clutter. Otherwise, you will more likely feel stressed and overwhelmed. Don’t let the complicated space or small spot stop you from actualizing a comfortable, stylish, and cozy home. After all, your home is where you have your own little world.

If you are granted one wish, I know that expanding your apartment is your top answer. But you don’t have to wait for a magic genie to appear and make a wish. You have to plan, pick the right decorations, and implement everything. With these, you can maximize every inch of your place to achieve the studio apartment that you deserve. That sounds better than just waiting and not taking action, right? Believe me, once you start designing, the possibilities are limitless. You might even forget that you have a small studio apartment. Of course, the process won’t be easy but it will be worth it. 

You can read more below the small studio apartment ideas and tips that will help you plan your next upgrade. Discover concepts and themes here and get ready to transform your teeny tiny abode into a mansion.

1. Divide your room

If you can’t add space, dividing your room is a cost-effective option that can help split the space. With this, you can add a splash of personality and style to your place. Even when you don’t have the luxury of excess square footage, there are many ways for creating separate areas in a small studio apartment. Have an area for eating, working, sleeping, or just chilling out. If you lack space, you can make up for the design. There is no room that is too small for styling and decorating. Here are some ideas on dividing your room:

  • Bookshelf divider

Even if you haven’t read the famous Harry Potter or any other books, a bookshelf is an effective and stylish way of isolating different areas or rooms. When the goal is to maximize the small space, it is better to have a practical solution. Bookshelves also serve as a valuable storage space in your small studio apartment. It splits living areas. It doesn’t have to expand to the ceiling but if you want an allusion to a big space and extra room, go tall.

  • Plant divider

Aside from bookshelves, a wall of plants is an excellent idea to section off space. It can also make a room more private. A shelving unit to cover each specific space while also providing a cozy workspace and a statement piece. Be resourceful! Plus, plants help brighten your mood.

  • Choose curtains 

Creativity is the root of amazing results. For ultra-tiny living like a studio, every square inch is important. If you plan on separating your bed from other areas, choose curtains. Having extended curtains give you a lot of privacy at the same time, it takes up a small space only. When you want to get out of bed and go to another area in your home, all you have to do is simply slide them out of your way. It is extremely easy and simple.  Oh, if you are worried about your carpentry skills, you can hang curtains using fabric and a rod. Separating small spaces using curtains makes a big difference.

  • Install a projector screen

If you’re a certified movie buff, then a projector screen is perfect for you. You can Netflix and chill with the use of a projection screen. A personal home theater can be achieved even if you’re saving space. Installing a projector is easy and simple. Additionally, the sheer panel lets the light go through. It also keeps the small area open.

  • Color-coordinate your space

It’s your choice whether or not you will add physical dividers in each area in your small studio or not. In case you opt to not add extra furniture, you can color-coordinate your space. You should have some distinction between each room. With this, color coordination is an effective technique to implement. Do this by separating each space in your apartment, then choose a theme and a color. As a result, when you look at it as a whole, everything flows together. 

  • Separate an area with furniture

You can split up each area with the furniture you already own, for example, a couch. You don’t have to shop for the latest decor or buy dividers to separate a space. There is furniture designed for small spaces that can help use the current square footage.

 2. Loft your bed

When you are space deprived, you can expand your room by having a loft bed. A low bed raises your mattress and having a tall ceiling is not a requirement. Also, adding decorative touches like curtains for wall privacy will make a loft bed like a bedroom rather than a raised bunk. Personalizing your loft bed also helps. This structural change helps improve the overall aesthetic design of your small studio apartment.

3. Transform your small studio space into a hotel

We all know hotel beds feel like you’re on a fluffy cloud and their soft sheets feel like silk. Even staying in a hotel gives the best night’s sleep. If you seldom go home and a home is just a place where you sleep and shower, consider styling your small studio apartment into a hotel. 

4. Compact Furniture

If you have a small studio apartment, investing in furniture that is durable and flexible is a good idea. You also have to be clever in using furniture. Choosing pieces with so many functions is a solution to solve space problems. You have to put in your mind how to make your area feel spacious. Moreover, you also have to consider adding value to your home so that you can sell it when the time comes that you need extra money. Go for innovative solutions that serve as a piece of all-in-one equipment. For instance, choose a convertible dining table that converts into a coffee table in your living area. Have a tray on an ottoman that will serve as a side table. Also, you can put a low cabinet to have a comfortable space for the TV console or desk area. These all-in-one solutions make living in a small apartment easier.

In tiny living room spaces, floating wall shelves are your friend. You can opt for installing an easy bracket system to carry books and decorations. You can also use an empty space by having corner shelving.

Aside from all of these, you have to keep in mind that the style and finishes of your furniture would affect the overall look of your apartment. Below are some examples:

  • Use mirrors or mirror pieces in your space. This will trick your eye into believing that you have a large area and would also help bounce more light.
  • Lean into furniture with a modern finesse that goes a long way in small places. The streamlined sofas and slim refrigerators aren't occupying too much space compared to the bulky ones.
  • If you prefer a serene look, then consider minimalist furniture. Some of these are sleek quartz countertops or pre-finished oak floors to make a small space look inviting and open.

5. Design Every Nook

Your little safe haven makes the most of every nook and cranny to give spaces to separate areas. A small area in the corner creates a perfect area for extra storage or a bed. While in the kitchen's entrance, you can have a wall space that will turn into a cozy breakfast nook. You can also have a love seat at the dining table or living room. If you like to enhance the sense of separation between all areas in your home, use a rug. This divides each area.

Designing a small studio apartment may be tricky but with correct planning, you can figure out how to decorate it. Perhaps fitting the bedroom, living room, and kitchen into one room is difficult. You still have to consider your comfortability also. While styling a small studio apartment requires a bit more planning, editing, and ingenuity, the end result is high quality. Research some of the stylish and space-saving solutions, from simple additions that can make a room feel larger to renovation ideas that will turn your entire apartment into a dream place. Put them to work and you will find yourself loving every inch of your home. 

Even though “chic” is not the first word that most people think of when talking about studio apartments, you can exceed their expectations. The typical cramped quarters and dorm life is not what you will live with. It doesn’t have to be the case. Beyond the basics, these ideas can help make your space pleasurable and satisfying. Living in a studio apartment gives plenty of possibilities and tests your creativity to the extreme level.

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