Tips to Make a Small Room Look Bigger

If you’re renting an overpriced apartment, a student who lives in a dorm, or owns a tiny house, you know the dilemma of small spaces. You know too well that organizing, cleaning, and decorating is a dreadful task. The ambiance of your house can also affect your emotions. Oftentimes, you find yourself distressed while daydreaming of cozy space.

Oh, you’ve gotten so familiar you are with the shared living room and dining area to the cramped bedroom and home office. But what would you do if I told you that you don’t have to bear the agony of wanting to have a better, comfier, and organized house? Well, fret no more, these tips will make your small room look bigger without sacrificing the style. Make sure to bookmark these for your next room transformation!

  1. Mirrors, Mirrors, Mirrors

Mirrors give the illusion of depth and expand what you see. Your small house will look like the size is doubled. Ultimately for the all-out effect, put the mirror across a window. You could also have a floor-to-ceiling mirror. The idea here is to have a wide sense of space.  Mirrors reflect natural and artificial light thus illuminating the room. Optimally, you can go as big as a mirror against the wall or mirror cabinet door. If you're on a budget, use small mirror pieces like glass tabletops or a mirror tray.

  1. Use Colors Wisely

Painting the walls white or anything light creates the illusion of a larger space. It gives an airy and open effect. Just remember to stick to a limited color palette, you don't want too many visual distractions. There are so many colors to choose from that's why it's important to plan ahead of time as to what color family you would pick. Just keep in mind to set a warm and cozy mood.

When it comes to furniture, it is convenient to blend it with the wall paint. The colors of the walls and furniture need to be coordinated. Be careful of the things you incorporate; dark paint takes the light which makes it smaller and confined. As much as possible, select soft tones and avoid dark shade.

  1. Use Multifunctional and space-saving furniture

Analyzing how to organize your small room can be tricky. Keep your things in their respective storage. Especially if it contributes to the chaos. A neat and orderly room is the key to a serene scene. Like most homeowners, storage is an all-time issue whether your space is big or small. The solution to that is one word: multifunctional.

Cut the clutter by using a piece of furniture that has multi-use. Choose furniture like a foldable table or cabinet with a desk. In your bedroom, you can opt for loft beds with a workspace or a bed that transforms into a chair when not in use. Try using lots of trays for holding blankets and clothes, pencils in a chest, or loose pennies in a piggy bank. Anything that you can see that’s not pleasing to look at, put it on its designated spot. It helps to make DIY furniture so that you can save money. 

The next time you buy or make your own stuff, remember to pick those space-saving ones.

Furniture that can be utilized to its greatest potential is a great way to create extra space. Overall, your goal should be the feels and looks of your room to be bigger than it actually is.   

  1. Let the light in

Have you ever experienced the refreshed feeling when the sun hits your face from your window panes? Windows are the way to let the sunshine in. The reflection of the natural lighting creates a sense of openness. Take advantage of it while also adding artificial lightning. You can choose curtains that are not heavy to look at.  Sheer fabrics allow light to pass through. Colors that match with the wall paint. It tricks your eyes that it is still part of the wall, thus minimizing the actual space there is. 

Keep in mind that dirty windows prevent the light from coming in, so you might just as well clean them. It would make a whole lot of difference, trust me. Any room would look larger if there were more light that surrounds it. Make sure to do it once or twice a week. Include bringing in lampshades to lit dark corners or a fixture that feels light. Add plants or flowers near the windows to brighten the space.

  1. Declutter

Minimalism is avoiding the unnecessary and keeping everything simple. As Marie Kondo said, “From the moment you start tidying, you will be compelled to reset your life.” It may be hard to start at first because there’s just too much stuff piling up and more coming if the delivery of your order is not delayed! Kidding aside, sometimes we possess things for the sake of owning them. Until it’s no longer in use, it’s stuck in one place thus adding clutter. 

When thinking of getting rid of it, some of us don't want to let go because of its sentimental value. In the end, your small space will be more cramped up. In order for you to organize your things, start small. Start with 2-3 things every day that you can get rid of, throw it on the recycle bin, donate, or sell it for a cheaper price. Do it consistently and your life will spark more joy. Minimalism life is for people who believe that less is more. Aside from that, you can save tons of money and use it for other expenses. You may not realize it at first but along the way, it will create a great impact. Focus on the things that matter the most. With things neatly organized and arranged, your space will feel open and refreshing.

  1. The bigger, the better

When buying furniture or artwork, it’s better to have larger pieces than a lot of little pieces. Those little pieces contribute to the clutter, thus making it harder to organize. Lots of knick-knacks tend to feel untidy and contribute to the issue of small space. You don't need every single decoration or accent in all corners of your house. 

Like human beings, your space has to breathe. If you’re into artwork or pictured frames, opt for the largest one. And again, you don’t need to fill all the walls with artwork. It’s okay to leave it blank.

It is more suitable to have a large couch and 1 side chair in a living room than 3 side chairs. Go for a king-sized bed if it fits in your bedroom, if not, choose the largest possible fit. Just consider the arrangement and bear in mind to look at the overall layout of your house. 

  1. Furniture with exposed legs

Creating the illusion that your space is bigger than it actually is required establishing a sense of movement and openness. Furniture like chairs, couches, tables, and beds can take up a considerable amount of space. Having the legs exposed is a quick fix. Why? It is because it looks like it has an extra room. It creates more free space than stuff that is directly on the floor. As much as possible, show the floor. It is as if furniture with exposed legs allows air and light to flow all over, around, and under it. So, it appears like floating in the room.

  1. Clear furniture

See-through furniture opens up the room and makes it more spacious. It emphasizes everything and doesn’t clash or interfere. Not only that, it’s trendy, chic, and decorative. Clear furniture is not visually overcrowded thus adding a touch of playfulness and drama to your room. Try replacing your wooden furniture and see the difference it makes.

  1. Vertical and Horizontal Lines

Don’t be afraid to go bold. When you have a small space, think of taking advantage of the wall to its full potential. Your room is your canvass. Here’s a trick used by home decorators and works wonders every time: using vertical and horizontal lines. 

Vertical lines add a sense of height and horizontal lines can appear wider. Just don’t combine vertical and horizontal lines or else you defeated its purpose of making it look larger. Of course, the movement and the pattern have to be coordinated all throughout. If you opt to choose a design or lines that have different directions, it disrupts the flow.

Stripes can definitely alter the total appearance of your room. The idea works best if you choose pastel or light colors. Use colors such as green, blue, or off-white. Keep in mind that brighter rooms are more inviting. For an optimum effect, make sure to tape and paint straight lines so that it won’t be messy to look at.  

Home is wherever the heart is. There are many creative ways to add a sense of space. By following these tips and tricks, you’ll be amazed by how quickly your room transforms!

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