Top 4 Bedroom Design Trends 2021

A bedroom is more than a place where you rest after a long day. A bedroom is a safe haven, a cave away from the troubles of life, it’s a place where you can be yourself without pretense. Just by sinking into bed and doing nothing is a fulfilling way to unwind. Due to pandemic, the normal everyday life is drastically changed and anxiety level is soaring. That is why having a bedroom that offers peace and serenity is more important than ever. At the same time, designing a bedroom that serves as your sanctuary is challenging. Ultimately, it’s a great investment especially if it makes you satisfied and happy.

Every year, there are many bedroom designs that are emerging. If you ever observed your bedroom and concluded that you need a transformation, take a sneak peek at these top bedroom design trends. And don’t fret, we gathered all these trends so that you can make changes in your bedroom without worrying your budget.

1. Upholstered Headboards

If you want an inexpensive way to transform your bedroom, then opt for upholstered headboards. Headboards are like art. You have to consider having a headboard as a long-term investment because it will surely boost your comfort in your bedroom. Unlike having a plain, old, and boring bed, headboards give you a cushy surface that you can lean on even if you’re sitting up in bed. You don’t have to worry about installing it since most types are easy to attach to a bed frame or mount on a wall. Also, there are a wide variety of styles, colors, sizes, and materials that can be chosen from. If you’re hesitant to buy one, then you can always do DIY. Consider this as your next weekend project and spare some time and effort. Making upholstered headboards from scratch is surely a fun way to design your bedroom. There are tons of upholstered headboard ideas that can be found on the internet.

2. Canopy Bed Frames

You can always rely on a canopy bed to turn your ordinary room into a dramatic and luxurious space. Almost everyone’s wish list since childhood includes a canopy bed on it. It’s like being a princess or a prince inside a castle. When you see a canopy bed frame, the words “romance” and “grandeur” are what best describe it. You would be surprised how versatile a canopy can be. It can add height to a small bedroom or add coziness to a big room. These are some ideas to get started that would help you out with the selection.

  • All White Round Canopy

If you want a unique interior design, you should consider an all white round canopy. It will serve as the centerpiece in your bedroom. Even though there are only a few people who are into circular shapes and are not commonly seen in most bedroom designs, this will surely open up space. A dreamy and airy round canopy filled draped in white is all you could ask for and more.

  • Flowy Curtains

Imagine this: long summer days, stress-free, light curtains, cold breeze. If heaven has a place, then this must be it. When the weather is warm and you have a very high ceiling in your bedroom or a large patio, placing a canopy bed will give you tons of choices. If you can, opt for a larger bed frame. Whether it’s made of wood or oak canopy beds.

  • Modern Classic

If you have a small bedroom and the lack of space is your greatest dilemma, then having a thin bed frame looks great in your space. The industrial is a way to go because it will look good almost anywhere for its clean and classic style. It's also a must to pick and choose curtains that will blend well and serve as an elegant backdrop.

  • Detailed Half-Canopy

If you prefer not to go all-in with a grand canopy, you can always have a half-canopy. It is still possible to achieve a relaxing atmosphere at the same time making your bedroom feel calming and welcoming. The secret is in those beautiful details that will make the overall design chic and polished. This is usually for the rustic themed bedrooms. A wooden frame could serve as your centerpiece while placing curtains around it for an extra touch of coziness. You will be shocked at the result.

  • Contemporary Choice

Nowadays, a minimalistic approach is the main theme for most of the houses today. If you’re into a minimalistic approach and like to keep things as simple as possible, then you also  have to complement it to your design. Adding a modern and sleek canopy that has a wide open space can make your bedroom look clean. Additionally, nothing will stand in the way of the light to flow freely all through the room. It is also really fitted for small spaces since it goes well with a low ceiling. That being said, you can always create your dream bedroom anytime and anywhere. 

3. Invest in a statement bed

Every bedroom needs to have a statement bed that will not only give you comfort but will instantly transform your room into a stylish and elegant space. Since the bedroom is the most intimate space in your room, it’s only right that every decor you put should reflect who you are.That’s what statement beds are for. Statement beds are like art, they allow you to express your artistic side while providing a great impact and with minimal furnishing effort. You should allow your bed to dominate. The goal is to make your bed as the first thing you see as you open the door to your bedroom. Of course, you should make sure that your key pieces will be something that is fun to look at. The focal piece must captivate the eyes and hearts of every person who will enter your room. Take into consideration the amusing shapes, dynamic colors, and striking patterns when choosing your statement bed.

4. Feature Walls

Sometimes, we wouldn’t notice how something can be too much already until we pause and look at the big picture. When talking about feature walls, it’s so easy to get overwhelmed by the space and go all-out. You have to eliminate the possibility of getting overwhelmed as much as you can. If you’re not familiar about feature walls, they provide great chances to experiment with colors, patterns, textures, and shape. Alternatively, you can call it accent walls. They offer an easy and quick way to make the space lively. Feature walls can make a huge impact, but it’s your choice to not make it look so grand. Often, a subtle pattern can be interesting enough to not overwhelm the space. Whether or not you want a subtle upgrade or a big change, a feature wall might be just the thing you need. Here are some of the feature wall room ideas:

  • Paint the ceiling

There are only a few people who would consider painting their ceilings and make it into a decorative scheme. You can consider the ceiling as the 5th wall that gives you more choices on adding a coloured feature wall. If you prefer to incorporate your personality without encroaching the color scheme, try an all-white color.  The accent color helps emphasizing furnishings and makes it more cohesive.

  • Plunge into bold accent colors

It’s understandable that you wouldn't want to risk an overpowering presence in your bedroom, that’s why soft and pastel toned colors are usually the colors for bedrooms. You can go to the opposite side: the bold and dark colors. A dark shade helps to highlight the wall. It is best if you choose to have it to the wall against the bed. Just remember to use the same color when it comes to the lighter shades to finish the remaining parts of the room. This is also to make the colour palette pleasing to the eyes. 

  • Use eloquent wallpapers

You can have your feature wall as a display wall. If you choose to create a pattern to add style to your choice of wall. The choosing of decorative wallpaper helps to add character to the bedroom space. Nowadays, there are so many modern wallpaper designs that you can choose from. Wallpapers are also a great way to make your bedroom elegant and classy-looking.

  • Be mindful of the color scheme

Even though you use a pattern or color scheme for a wall, it’s recommended to stick to a limited color palette. This is to avoid the confusion of colors. For example, if you choose the colors black and white, this must be seen all throughout the wall, rugs, beddings, furnitures, and even in lightning choices. For some stronger and bold color like red, it can be incorporated as pops of accent color to effortlessly tie the whole look together.

Even though there are many rules of how to design your bedroom, still, what should prevail is your own preferences and choices. Trust yourself. You do you.

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