Household Maintenance Repairs by Homely Center (PDF)

Household Maintenance Repairs by Homely Center (PDF)

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Owning a home is a full-time job. Yes, this is your place of residence, your cozy corner of the world, but the fact you own it means you’re the one responsible for looking after it. The single best way to do that? Learn how to maintain it and how to repair anything that goes wrong, within reason.

Of course, there are always going to be certain things you can’t fix, and things you shouldn’t even attempt. I’m talking about things like the electrics, boiler issues, etc. However, for the most part, there are things you can fix yourself and avoid having to call out an engineer or maintenance person. This saves you cash, puts you in control, and gives you extra pride in your home. 

This book is designed to give you the 101 on how to fix the most common issues within the household. From cleaning a washing machine to fixing a leak, cleaning the guttering to weeding the garden, there are many tasks that need to be done on a regular basis, to ensure the easy running of your home. There are also issues which occur over time that need to be fixed quickly, to avoid them becoming a major problem in the future. Within the following pages, you’ll find out how to tick both of those boxes with ease and with plenty of confidence.

 Home maintenance and repair is the same as anything in life – it seems complicated and almost impossible until you learn how to do it. Once you do that, life is easier from that point onwards! Have some faith in yourself. You can fix those small problems around the house and you can even do a lot to prevent them happening in the first place. The only thing you need is knowledge.

 The good news is you’ll find plenty of that in this book!